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Author's Note; Awakening

I am working on the next installment of the Awakening series. It's just that I've found that I have a much firmer grasp on the Supernatural characters and universe than I do on the X-men/Marvel characters and universe, so I'm taking some time to immerse myself in several X-men continuities. (At the moment, my knowledge of X-men comes primarily from the movies and from the Ultimate Spiderman comics, and I find they do not give me sufficient characters/character depth to work with.)

I have also been taking some time to do some world building as this story is set in a “what if there were mutants (and maybe some superheroes through genetic tampering/accidents or mystical means) in the Supernatural world?” world. This means that the world will be more of an amalgam because it will not be bringing the entire Marvel Universe with it. I will probably post a more comprehensive version of my notes on World Building at some point (because I am neurotic and seem to be building up quite the world history), but right now I'll just say that the physics, logic, and technological advancement will be mostly SPN's. There will not, for example, be giant robot Sentinels flying around the world.

Also, I have similar problems with X-men as I do with John Winchester - namely "child soldiers". If you're looking for the boys jumping from one fight to another, then maybe this story isn't for you. No “X-man” (active fighter) will be under 18. The boys will therefore not be going out on missions. Not for a few years at least. Maybe not even then. At least, not without considering the possibility of doing something else. I have no problem with writing the boys as "average mutants living their average lives", maybe making a difference in other ways. (I'll have to see how they develop.) The school will have mandatory self defense classes, and if they want to join, they can join combat training at 17, but there will be no underage soldiers.

Hopefully the next part will be up soon though.
Title: A short moral tale
Author: anansispidergod
      An Original Work
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Bullying
Summary: Billy Brown was a bad boy.

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Glee Rant - NYADA and Fashion 2

Glee Rant - NYADA and Fashion 2
By: anasispidergod
Fandom: Glee Meta
Warnings: Spoilers up to 4x17, implied Homophobia, implied Straight Privilege, Misuse of Stereotypes in Media Representations, Language because apparently I swear a bit when I’m ranting
Disclaimer: I do not own Glee

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Awakening part 2: A Cross-Country Drive

Title: Awakening part 2 - A Cross-Country Drive
Author: anansispidergod
Fandoms: Supernatural/X-men
Pairing: none
Rating: Teen (for now)
Warnings: Child Endangerment, Neglect, Psychological Abuse, Mutant-phobia, Allusions to Underage Homelessness, Gendered Insults because Dean
Summary: Three Days, Seven States, and One Major Headache
Disclaimer: I Don’t Own Supernatural or X-men

Awakening Part 1

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Supernatural/X-men x-over

Child Endangerment, Neglect, Implied Starvation, Psychological Abuse, Mutant-phobia, Gendered Insults because Dean, Implied Alcoholism

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Personal Notes on Ana Mardoll’s Narnia deconstruction

Religious Themes, Addiction, Child Endangerment, Mind Control, Allusions to Rape, Withdrawal, Bullying, Psychological Abuse, Allusions to Possible Sexual Abuse of a Child.

So I’ve been on a bit of a Narnia kick lately, and I’ve just read Ana Mardoll’s deconstruction of C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. I loved it. Go check it out. She’s critical and nitpicky and much fairer to some of the most beaten characters (i.e. Edmund and Susan) than many people are. I was going to post in the comments, but I tore through her posts too fast and my thoughts got all unwieldily and I was left with a bunch of notes on several different chapters, so I figured it might be best to try and put them into some coherence as their own post. Just remember that this is a reaction piece.

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Glee Rant - NYADA and Fashion

Watched up to: S04E03

Homophobia, Straight Privilege, Misuse of Stereotypes in Media Representations

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